A new video reveals Tesla Cybertruck’s huge die-casting press.

The Cybertruck from Tesla is finally coming together.

According to Elon Musk, the much-delayed electric pickup, which was first announced in 2019, will now be produced in Tesla’s Austin factory in 2023. The vehicle will be built with as few pieces as possible and an “exoskeleton,” rather than a standard body-on-frame structure, according to Musk.

The vehicle’s full specifications are yet unknown, but one feature will be a single-piece rear portion that will replace hundreds of pieces with just one. Musk has stated that his goal is to manufacture vehicles in the same way that die-cast toys are manufactured, in order to cut costs and speed up the process.

The current Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars use a similar design, which is made with a 6,000-ton press created by Italy’s Idra Group, which claims to be the world’s largest high-pressure die-casting machine. But only for a short time.
Idra Group has released a video of a new 9,000-ton “gigapress” that will be used to “cast the biggest and most complex structural pieces being created today,” without specifying what those parts will be. However, in reaction to a video of the press being erected, Musk revealed on Twitter that the press is for the “Cybertruck Body.”

Musk had earlier stated that an 8,000-ton press would be required for the Cybertruck, but the vehicle’s design has subsequently been revised.

Although no particular date for the start of Cybertruck production in 2023 has been declared, and all pricing and specs have been removed from the company’s reservation website, industry analysts recently informed Autoweek that it might start in December.

Sources: Fox Business