Natural muscles vs steroids? A family contest to see who’s stronger

So who will win? Natural vs steroids. Well, this isn’t a science lesson, but it is important to answer this question before you make your decision. If you want to build big muscles naturally, you need to use a supplement containing ingredients such as nitric oxide, testosterone boosting herbs, and amino acids. All of these things combined will give you the highest possible level of hormones in your body, resulting in the fastest muscle growth rate.

So who will win? In a scientific review of over 50 scientific articles on this topic, the consensus was that steroids were, in general, not a good idea. The main reason for this was because they contain harmful side effects and tend to run in families. Another reason is that they are so easy to abuse. Natural products have been proven to be safer than steroids, and also, if taken correctly, have no negative side effects.

But, if we had to take it in a fun way, then watch the above video: a father with steroids vs his son, who is “natural”.