The Coolest houses in the world you will ever see !!!

Building the coolest house is a dream of every person, but have you ever wondered what are the coolest houses in the world look like.

There are some incredible and awesomely built houses on this planet, but if you are looking for the coolest houses of the world you will ever see, then you have come to the right place.

If you are having the same question then you are not alone and there are far better houses across the world which everyone would like to have as their home.

What makes them special?

Some houses have include invisible tree houses and castles on wheels. Some of them are enviable mansions that even have slides. 360-degree panoramic views and even underwater bedrooms.

The coolest houses are

Some of the coolest houses in the video are mentioned below

Dr. Seuss House 

Dr Seuss house was created using layers of steel supports assembled with a crane to stack a dozen log cabins on top of each other in Dr Seuss’s famous art style officially known as goose creek tower located in Talkeetna, Alaska

The Safe House

The safe house is the only residence in the world constructed to endure a zombie apocalypse; concrete walls and heavy steel shutters transform the pad into an impenetrable fortress, and it is located just outside of Warsaw.

The Egg House

Egg house is an eco-friendly odd little orb on wheels intended to be built as an eco-friendly capsule apartment made of iron wire bamboo sandbags and Plexiglas. The egg’s owner architect dai hai Faye constructed this eccentric housing as a fun method to explore new and economical ways of living in congested cities. 

Summer House

The summer house is a magnificent house with a wide-open spectacle of glass and stone built into a sheer cliff face with sea-facing walls made entirely of thick glass, which allows for unique sweeping views of the ocean and located in the middle of Norway.

The Domestic Transformer

The Domestic transformer shows how small living spaces can be transformed into a maximized space. Whereas a tiny space can be completely altered by putting on sliding screens, His single room abode could suddenly be turned into a stunning 24 distinct room just by moving the walls.

These are just a few of the amazing places that you can visit if you decide you want to find the coolest houses in the world.

There are many more cool houses that you will be able to see in the video. So, check out the video and explore yourself in the world of houses.