Explore Different Piano Styles With LAAPA’s Lessons in Mandeville

Many beginners begin their music journey by starting to learn piano, as this instrument enables a beginner to hear all 88 possible pitches and their sounds simultaneously.

Each lesson is tailored specifically to the goals and musical interests of the student. Students are encouraged to learn a wide range of musical styles, such as classical, jazz, blues, contemporary Christian music, country music, and boogie-woogie!


Beginners often begin their piano studies with classical lessons; this timeless art form has existed for centuries and boasts esteemed composers such as Beethoven and Chopin as its practitioners.

In classical lessons, students develop scales, arpeggios, and an expansive repertoire, including triads and harmonic minors. Furthermore, proper techniques help develop sound and speed as they focus on sound amplification as well as speed. While classical piano may differ considerably from contemporary styles of playing piano, mastering both will lead to becoming a well-rounded pianist.

The piano has long been used in various styles of popular music, from rock (think The Doors’ virtuosic runs) to EDM and boogie-woogie. Indeed, the keyboard is one of the most adaptable instruments and a go-to choice for many singer-songwriters.


The piano has long been used in numerous styles of music. From rock (like The Doors’ iconic runs) and hip-hop (including Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”) to singer-songwriter ballads by Adele or Fats Waller’s stride piano pieces to Art Tatum’s complex harmonic arrangements, its presence can be heard all across genres.

Pianists who study jazz typically gain encouragement to develop their improvisation abilities and to play chord progressions that differ significantly from the standard classical pieces they study.

The best piano teachers understand how to guide their students toward becoming confident, creative musicians. They employ clear communication methods and sound pedagogy to build strong musical foundations for students. Furthermore, these experts offer clear, structured lessons that enable students to grasp all elements of musical styles.


Blues music is an enduringly popular style found across many musical genres. It is distinguished by the use of specific chord progressions and rhythm patterns that give it its signature sound.

Students looking to master blues piano should start by understanding its chords; typically, major triad chords are enhanced with a dominant 7th note to add an authentic bluesy sound and feel.

Additionally, players need to know how to utilize various techniques, such as chord inversions and turnarounds, in their playing. Turnarounds connect different sections of a song for an exciting, vibrant, and interesting musical piece.

Contemporary Christian

Though much contemporary Christian music produced today is riddled with false doctrine and inferior musical quality, some artists are making an impactful statement through powerful lyrics about praise and surrendering our lives to Jesus.

Contemporary Christian worship music stands out as being distinctive for its ability to blend different musical genres to suit different preferences among worshippers, often boasting catchy melodies, straightforward chord progressions, and upbeat rhythms that engage listeners.

Victory Boyd’s sophomore album Glory Hour demonstrates how she adds a jazz/folk/soul sound to contemporary Christian singer-songwriter music. She proves her place as one of today’s rising Christian singer-songwriters by showing just how easily one can create what could be considered a “modern worship sound” with piano.


Country piano styles tend to be laid-back and melodic, yet don’t be fooled into believing its folky charm–country music can rock, roll, and rumble just as effectively! Artists such as Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, and Shania Twain incorporate various musical influences into their country songs for maximum impact.

Listen to some classic country songs, and pay close attention to any repeated patterns you hear. For example, in “Ring of Fire,” there’s a two-step dance for your fingers that sounds similar to what is known as walking bass—an essential element of country piano!

Explore all kinds of piano styles at LAAPA, a premier music school in Mandeville. With enrichment labs and ProTools recording studios, our holistic approach sets us apart as one of the leading options for students seeking an inclusive performing arts education.

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