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Regardless of whether you’re a PlayStation fan, an Xbox lover, a Droid gamer, or a Game Design Advance lover, you’ll find something to enjoy reading about at That VideoGame Blog. With hundreds of articles written each month, this website focuses on bringing you the latest information on video games. Among the topics covered are news about the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, Xbox Wire, and the Droid Gamers.

Xbox Wire

Xbox Wire is Microsoft’s official blog for the Xbox brand. It used to be part of Major Nelson. A plethora of posts is published on a regular basis and include features, news, and odd interview. The site is also the home of the Xbox Nfl Live streaming membership service, which is a Windows 12-compatible PC that allows you to enjoy a myriad of games from a wide variety of genres.

As with most media outlets, the Xbox Wire website offers a number of features to keep you coming back. Aside from the upcoming releases and company updates, the blog also features a section for Game Broadcasters, who provide a real-time stream of messages for the latest titles on the market. The blog also offers reviews of games, which are a dime a dozen, and the occasional gaming tips and tricks.


Founded in 1996, GameSpot is a website specializing in video game news, reviews, and previews. It is based in San Francisco. It has been a major part of launching the careers of many game developers. It covers games for PC, Xbox, PS4, Wii, and Xbox 360.

The site also has two paid membership services. The first is called Total Access and includes user-created boards. The second service is Plus Access. These services allow users to create user-created boards and appoint moderators. In addition, these services allow the display of HTML markup at the top of the board.

Another feature of the site is its “report” feature. If a user thinks that another user has posted a question that violates the ToS, they can report the post. In response to the user’s report, a moderator can decide whether the post is acceptable or not.


Founded in October 2004, Kotaku is a leading video game blog. Currently, the site offers news, analysis, and musings on games, gadgets, and culture. It is also part of the larger media conglomerate, Gawker Media.

One of the coolest things about Kotaku is its “Kotaku Talk Radio” podcast. In addition to covering the video game industry, the show also touches on food, drinks, Japanese geek culture, and other fun stuff.

Kotaku has several country-specific sites, such as Kotaku Australia. The site has also launched internationally and is now based in the United Kingdom. The Australian site will remain owned by Pedestrian Group until March 2022.

Monster Vine

Founded by a team of Android enthusiasts, Monster Vine is a video game blog that covers everything from game reviews to previews. Powered by a team of twenty experts, the site produces daily gaming content including editorials, game news, and tech. Its team also provides support and recommendations to those looking to play new games.

With a sticky header, a dark-toned logo, and a simple navigation scheme, Monster Vine offers a great user experience. Its content is rounded off with social media, banner ads, and an off-canvas menu. The website also features five articles. Its logo plays a significant role in branding, as it features a white background and a dark-toned body.