Will you survive in the open-world game 7days to Die?

To Die 7 Days Mega City Map Seed Alpha is still in early access and experimental. It’s substantially more difficult and includes many additional features. High mountain views now include municipal roads and feature names. That means more ram is needed. Both the client and Dedicated Server will need extra space. Installing the game on your PC now is the best way to save it.

7 Days to Die is an open-world game that combines first-person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. Its unique approach to fighting, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character advancement has wowed fans worldwide. Play the original zombie survival sandbox RPG. Navezgane is near!


Explore – Huge, unique and rich environments, allowing you to play the game however you wish. A collection of over 500 recipes allows you to make and repair various items. Find schematics for more potent recipes.

Build – Take over a ruin or start from scratch. Include traps, electric power, auto turrets, automated doors, devices, and defensive positions in your ultimate fort. The planet is completely destructible.

Cooperate or Compete – In a wasteland ruled by zombies and outlaws, you decide how you want to play.

Creative -Get creative and design the perfect universe alone or with pals. Over 800 in-game products, 1,300 unique construction pieces, and a painting system with over a quadrillion possibilities are available.

Choose – Decide if you want to play the Navezgane campaign or jump back in with friends in a randomly-generated environment featuring cities and towns as well as mountains and valleys. With nearly 400 venues, the options are endless.

Combat – Over 50 diverse zombie archetypes with unique behaviours and attacks.

Survive – Hunger, thirst, infections, fractured bones, food poisoning, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, diarrhoea, and other illnesses are all present in Survive.

Destroy – Damaged structures or bad construction design can cause buildings to collapse.

Farm or Hunt – Plant and grow gardens for sustainable resources or head out into the wilderness and hunt over a dozen unique wild animals.

Construct or loot your own character or pick one from a premade. Find all the materials, learn all the recipes, and create your own vehicle from bikes to minibikes to 4x4s and even helicopters. Ride with a pal and alter your car. Plant gardens for sustainable resources or go hunting for over a dozen rare wild species.

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